Microwave Frittata

Made with love by my ten year old!
Made with love by my ten year old!

David’s Microwave Frittata

My ten year old son wanted to make his own dinner.  We talked about what he can safely do on his own and determined that a ‘home made’ microwave dinner would be fine.  It’s hard to pull back when you are so use to doing everything, but this was an easy fun meal prepared by my son.  He’s promised to do a weekly meal that can be prepared by kids!

So here it is.  Created by my son (eek, proud mother here!!!)

1tbsp butter

1tbsp EVOO

2 Fresh Eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Extra small amount of fresh chili paste (to taste)

¼ cup Baha roasted corn blend

¼ cup chopped onions

Microwave Fritta


Melt butter in microwave safe dish

Add salt and pepper and eggs.  Blend in eggs

Add all ingredients

Mix together

Cover and microwave.  Ours took about seven minutes.  Every two minutes we checked it.  When all the liquids were gone and a toothpick could come out clean we knew it was ready.

Hopefully your little one will share with their siblings!  Enough for two to enjoy.  Don’t forget fresh fruit and something cool and refreshing to wash it down with.


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