The Service

The service

She passed away in the middle of the night.  It was peaceful with her family by her side.  Emily’s last breath was audible to the entire room.  The smell of cancer that had permeated the room before was slowly dissipating.  Primrose filled the air.  It was strong enough that Emily’s children paused, they recognized the scent. Their tears dried up.  They knew that their beloved mother would be alright.  Primrose was her favorite flower.

Preparations for her memorial service and funeral had already been made.  The family had years of notice.  Her cancer was aggressive, but was fought till there was nothing left for mankind to try.

The service was immense.  It seemed as if over a thousand mourners were there.  The line of cars was what appeared to be over a mile long.  Flashing lights from the police cars escorting the mourners created a strange glow in the morning fog.

The coffin was escorted in, flowers laid out, pictures of happy times adorned the room.  It was both wonderful and overwhelming to Emily’s family.  Her youngest child, Kelly was pale.  Her eyes were locked into a dead stare at her mother’s body.  James, her oldest son did everything he could to keep his composure.  He knew he had to be strong for his sister.  He felt that it was now his job to care for and protect Emily.  Their father had passed away years ago, so it was a position he knew well.

After the sermon, friends and family members took to the podium and shared wonderful memories.  Some were of fun times, others were times that Emily had helped them through hardship.

It came time for the children to speak.  James reached for his little sisters hands, they were shaking and clammy.  Her tears smearing the ink made it barely legible.

Each step they took together felt labored.  Their legs were giving in.  Emily wanted to collapse, James held her up.  The audience wept loudly, it was horrible to see the children in such despair yet so strong.  They made it to the podium.

“We loved her, our mother was everything to us.  There was never a time that she wasn’t there for us.  It’s not fair, why her?  It’s not fair.”  James burst into tears.  All the effort he made, he just couldn’t keep it in any longer. Kelly collapsed to the floor, James followed.

The front row of the audience all starting moving, trying to protect the kids, but there was nothing that could be done.  Emily had passed, nothing could bring her back.  Wailing overtook the room.  The church had incredible acoustic.  It bounced the cries off the walls creating a rumbling noise.

The wind outside started howling.  The trees in the cemetery were bent over almost touching the ground due to the shear force of the wind.  Storm shutters on the church windows slammed against their frames.  The tremendous noise overtook the wails of the mourners.

The room felt weighted down.  An ominous feeling over took the mourners abruptly silencing them.  The children were so lost in sadness that they did not notice the intensity of the winds.

Almost as quickly as it started, it ended.  A ray of sunlight pierced through the church windows and outlined a shadow figure.  It slowly began to take a recognizable form.

A gentle voice filled the room, almost as if cared by the air in the room.   “I love you. I will always be here with you.”  Screams over took the silence as the onlookers realized that the beloved Emily was standing over her children.  Emily’s body lay just fifteen feet away, but yet, here she was.  Standing.  From a ghostly apparition to a fully formed body.  She reached down and caressed her beloved children.  They reached up, held her hands to their faces.

Some of the guest ran out of the structure.  Other fell to their knees in prayer.  James and Kelly just rejoiced.   Their mother was by their side once more.  That’s all they cared about, not how or why.  Just having her back was all that mattered to them.

Emily did not quite look the same, but that was of no interest to James or Kelly.  Emily’s face was very pale and her cheeks had sunken in.  Her hands were reminiscent of bones wrapped in tissue paper . Her clothing was surreal.  It appeared to be black, but it seemed other-worldly.  As if it was made of the midnight country sky.  Perfectly dark, yet something glistened.  Her hair flowed like a gentle breeze.  But her eyes, they were blue, so crystal clear blue that you could not turn away from them.  Emily’s eyes were spellbinding.

James and Kelly curled up into their mother.  She embraced them, wrapping her arm around them.

Emily slowly started to lose her solid form, slowing dissipating into nothingness.  James and Kelly curled up into a fetal position, bundled into their mother.   Their friends ran to them, yelling at them.  They tried to pull them away from where they laid curled up.  Their lifeless bodies relaxed, and fell limp on the ground.

The remaining mourners stood in disbelief.  This was not a blessed event.  The coming of the mother brought an abrupt ending to the children’s short lives.

Was Emily a demon unmasked?  Or a devoted mother who could not live in death without her children by her side.


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