The dollhouse

I was handed down this wonderful and unfinished dollhouse.  It was prebuilt by an older couple who did not have the energy or drive to complete it.  My original plan was to build it and give it to my daughter who just recently turned five…  the cost of these houses are insane.  So, I decided to make it into a haunted doll house.  Here, I will share my trials and tribulations of building and decorating my first doll house.

A little bit on me.  I am Irene B. Smithi.  I enjoy sculpting and carving.  My taste tends to be a bit off center and my art reflects that :)

This is a sister website to where I sell and display my art.

So, I hope you enjoy what we’ll be doing with this house.  I will work on it in my nonexistent free time!!!


The doll house.
The doll house.



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