Easy cheese and salsa dip

Easy Cheese and Salsa dip!

This is one of my David’s favorite snacks to make.  It’s a hot dip that’s great for mid meal/snack times.

It’s so easy a kid can make it.  No really, it’s that easy!  It takes only a few ingredients, a microwave safe bowl and lid and three minutes of your time (plus prep time).  This makes one serving, but is enough for two little ones to share!

Easy Cheese and Salsa dip


1/3 cup of Salsa of your choice.

Small handful of cheese

Heaping table spoon of sour cream


Add salsa and cheese into microwave safe bowl.  Mix thoroughly.  Place a microwave safe plate on top of bowl and cook for three minutes in microwave.  I would suggest that you check at two minutes to see if the cheese has melted.  You’ll need a parent to do this, as the bowl and plate will be very hot.  Steam will come out once the lid has been lifter, so be cautious.

Once the the has melted, add one heaping tablespoon of sour cream.  Mix in thoroughly.

Transfer to a dish that is cooler (don’t want the little ones to burn themselves on the bowl) and serve with chips!

We made root beer floats to go with.  I’d suggest not eating this right before dinner… you will get filled up!

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