A new rescue we’ve taken in

Our little brown house finch.  She sadly can not fly.  We keep testing her, but she can’t get more than a foot off the ground before she falls.  So… she’s found a home with us!

So, we named her Boba Fett. This was not planned… but it is what it is. I can’t leave any critter to die.  If she gets her health back up, we’ll release her.  If not, she’ll have a permanent home with us.  We have a pigeon that destroyed her entire left side due to a bad collesion with a car.  Almost a year with us and she’s eating and enjoying life.  No flight, and she can hop only so far, but darn it!  She’s part of our family and we won’t leave her behind (by the way, her name is Yoda!).

Boba fett

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