The Twinkies Test

The daily challenges of keeping up with my kids arguments and my husband’s demands keeps my heart beating and my blood boiling.  But every now and then, I like to experiment on my children. 

Today I tested the self-control and patience of the offspring.

Objective: Try not to get pulled down and lose control of the consumables.

Test subjects:  My children.  Son, age 10.  Daughter, age 5.

Experiment:  Hold two large boxes of Twinkies and eat a whole one while informing them it’s for me only.  They don’t get any.

Results:  I had no clue the dog would overpower the kids in an attempt to rescue said Twinkies from my grasp.  Both kids jumped up and down begging for one while I slowly consumed the sugar-laden, gooey treat.

Lesson:  I really don’t like Twinkies.  Honestly, I’m not even sure why I bought them.  So I didn’t learn too much from this.  I did, however, accomplish teaching my children that mass unpronounceable chemicals taste kind of good… in an artificial, chemical kind of way.


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