Bloody Monday

Our little evil Ewok and my sweet daughter.  They nap together everyday.
Our little evil Ewok and my sweet daughter. They nap together everyday.

Oh, the joys of cleaning out my art room.  It’s a black hole for random objects.  It happened on a Friday.  I tore the room apart!  (You’ve got to make a mess to deep clean a mess.)  A couple of the odd items I ran across and mindlessly handed to my kids was a can of pink hair color spray and some fake Halloween blood.  Nothing dangerous or too exciting.

The kids enjoyed them, a little too much but it was fun to watch them.  They put the fake blood on their hands and then slapped hand prints onto their bodies.  The little ones just wanted to make a crime scene. Unfortunately my iPhone died before I could take pictures.

Sunday rolled around.  I told the kids no more blood or pink hair spray.  It wasn’t really coming off their skin really well.

Oh, did I mention that we also had just gotten a new kitten?  She’s super playful but likes to scratch.   The reasoning I had for not trimming her nails at that time was this; we have a large 70+ pound dog.  He’s super sweet and playful.  I wanted her to have the ability to back him off if he got too intense for her.  She was so tiny at the time, and couldn’t run that fast.

Our little kitten Ewok had scratched my daughters legs that weekend.   Ewok will either snuggled you or stalked you like a hawk hunting a snake.  Normally my daughter went to school in pristine condition… not this Monday!

Sunday night I bathed and got as much of the pink and red color off the kids as possible.  Good enough I figured.

Monday my daughter went to school like normal.  She takes the bus.  At twelve noon she was home.  I asked her how the day went, the usual.  She colored pictures and played.  About an hour later she walks up to me and mentions that she forgot to tell the teacher it was fake blood.  WHAT????????  I’m like what do you mean?  She told me she was walked up to the nurses’ office.  They were looking all over her body.  She said they tried to wipe off the blood stained skin.  Noted all the scratches.

OMG.  My hands were shaking, I ran to my cell phone and called her school.  Upon the prompt I dialed her class.  Her teacher answers.  I tell her that my daughter told me about her trip to the nurses’ office.  The teacher explained to me what happened and was very curious as to how the scratches got there and addressed her concern for the appearance of blood on her little body.  (They would have been hand print patterns, isn’t that just the cherry on top!?).

I explain the Halloween blood, the pink hair spray.  I also explained that it’s very hard to get off.  She was relieved to get the call and explanation from me.  Stated that she would not be sent to the nurses’ office the next day.

Yep, that was our little Bloody Monday.  At least it makes for a funny story to share.

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