The door crack

Why, why would you put the crack there?


I don’t get it!  Why oh why would you place it there.  You can’t tell me that you didn’t see it coming?  Did you?  I mean really, when you placed the door did you not notice that it was a peep show?  A lady sits down (namely me) and you do your deed… you know what it is.  You look up, HOLY SHIT it’s a one inch gap right in front of you!  It’s a freaking peep show!  I should be making money off this shit.

When whoever it was built the dam bathroom stall, how could they NOT notice that the door crack was perfectly matched up with the MIDDLE of the toilet.  I mean really.  How could you not see that coming?

DAMMIT, I’ve never had a bladder this full.  I need to drop almost a full 16 ounce cup of coffee here, IN FRONT of the world (well, from my perspective).

You would think they builders cared, the hotel owners cared SOMEONE cared.  But, NOPE… not a dam one of them cared for your privacy.  So, you release your waste in what feels like public view.

If you’re like me, you’ve got your purse statically placed to block your woo-ha-ha from public scrutiny.

SO, to the future builders of the public bathrooms.  Please take this as a plea, DO NOT leave the door crack or whatever it is called in public view of the lady using that stall!

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