Children and health.

He’s FAT, no, no he’s not


I’ve dealt with weight issues my whole life.  A good part of it I was anorexic.  Just for the record, that’s no fun. BUT now, my eldest child, my son is getting teased.  It’s a hard thing to stomach.

Originally we had him on a gluten free casein free diet.  Gradually will included casein.  Recently with months of testing his reaction we added gluten.  He did gain weight with the gluten, almost 12 pounds.  Personally, I think it was weight needed.  Kids should not be too thin if possible.

So now he’s being teased.  Kids make fun of him because he can eat three slices of pizza compared to their one slice.  They say his chin is fat.  It’s not.  Personally, I think a healthy kid should be able to eat that amount.

So what should I do?  I’m really not the best person to ask.  I mean, I was anorexic most of my life.  It wasn’t based on others opinions of my body either (I spent a good part of that time as a fitness model) but more on my need to control my life.  So how do I help my SON deal with other kids calling him fat?

1st, I tell him to ignore them.  Their opinion is of NO value to him.

2nd, I put him on the scale and check his height… he’s a normal healthy kid.  I show him that.

3Rd, make sure he is active

4th, make sure he eats good healthy food most of the time

5th, realize that the need to stereo type ALL kids as fat is fucking stupid.


YES, many MANY of our kids here in America are overweight.  But some are just growing.  Is there a reason the school or government should get involved and send letters home?  NO.  Unless the little one is morbidly obesity and puts the record books to shame, no we shouldn’t.

I have a friend whose little girl was told she was overweight.  Are you kidding me?  She was taller than girls her age but by no means heavier than girls her height.  So she was labeled as fat, not tall and healthy.

A system here needs to be reworked.

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