The rabbit and the scouts

So I’m sitting here, staring at my computer.  Nothing really to say or write.  It’s not that I haven’t anything to say, just too tired to say it.  I’ve rushed around like a mad woman.  Running my kids from one activity to another.  Family in town, got to see them.  Friends in town, must hang with them.  It has been a non-stop-frantic-mess.  I mean, it’s all come out well, but I’m fried!  Seriously, marinate me and bread me… I’m done.

My house is still a mess, kids are up and it’s 10pm.  I just realized that I haven’t written anything and joined a blogathon to get my butt in gear.

Hmmm, here is something mildly interesting.  While wrapping up my sons Cub Scout camp we walked around the property and picked up a skeletonized rabbit.  Funny actually.  I had just had a lovely conversation with another mother I just meet.  It was very polite.  We have kids with the same ethnic background.  My kids are half Chinese, half me (German, English and Scottish).  Her kids have the same background.

She had thought we left… we were off collecting the rabbit.  My daughter had insisted on carring the bag with the remains.  She ran off with them and I said a quick ‘hi’ and collected my son.  My daughter runs back up with the bag.  She had been telling every kid she could find that it was a dead rabbit.  Oh gosh, my daughter tells the lady about her dead rabbit in the bag.  The lady was like “I just saw one run by!  Did you catch that one” She was giving us a confused look.  My daughter corrected her.  “NO, it’s a dead rabbit.  I wanted it’s head!”  Well, she had wanted the rabbit’s skull, so she was telling the truth.

I left wondering if we ever will get that call to set a play date up for the kids.

Fun times.

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