Autism and my rant

The Rant.

My son has Aspergers.  He’s high functioning, fully mainstreamed and an awesome kid.  There are issues.  Social issues and behavioral problems.  The behavioral problems are due to him letting his emotions take control, even when he knows it’s the wrong behavior.

Now, you may ask “what does this have to do with anything?”  When taking the little ones out and you kid loses it big time it has to do with everything.  First, it’s very hard on the family.  We do our best to get them under control or out of the situation.  Second, it ruins family outings if it can’t be brought back under control.  Thirdly, it may make others who are unaware of what’s going on uncomfortable or upset.

Today my son lost it.  Thankfully it was in a comic book shop and the guys playing magic there looked over and then back to their cards.  I’m sure they all knew it was an issue that was going to be controlled… or they have experienced it somewhere somehow.

This is what got me today.  While speaking with someone I care greatly for who is much older than I (she’s in her 80s) I got a little bit frustrated.  She informed me that back in her day they did not have ‘autism’ and children were punished and spanked.  That’s why they didn’t have it.  She also said everyone is claiming to have autism as an excuse for poor behavior.  UGH!!!

What happened to children in that era that had issues like autism?  Did they exist?  She thought not, I know they were around.  The big difference, we don’t throw our kids away.  I know many people that have loved ones in group homes.  But they are not fully segregated from society only to disappear off the radar.

One lesson I’ve learned with my son is this.  Always keep him busy.  In unstructured time he’ll lose it.  Believe it or not, shopping is unstructured time.  Now, to the readers… that doesn’t make him a bad kid.    When you see someone who’s little one has lost it, don’t get all bent out of shape.  They get to live and enjoy the comforts of life just like you.

The fact that we have such an increase in Autism numbers… I don’t know the cause.  My son has it, my daughter does not.  I know parents of all nationalities and age groups.  From different environments, and they all have kids with autism.

There are horror stories of what this individuals had to endure in the not so distant past.  Some if not many had been used as test subjects.  Lobotomy (weird, my spouse actually knows someone who had one done on him… his step mother didn’t approve of his behavior and had one done on him).  HOLY CRAP.  I need to ask my spouse, I think this is the guy he knew that had it.  Anyways, here is an interesting link on one that was done on a twelve year old.

Experimentation on people in psychiatric units is common knowledge now-a-days.  Maybe they were unaware of what happened back in the good old golden years, or perhaps they were not concerned. Shock treatments, restraints, and all those other nasty little devises we are now shopping for in the oddities stores were common use on our children of the past.

What does the above have to do with my rant?  We cannot ever go back to throwing our children away.  Times can be really hard.  And you know what?  You are not alone.  Try everything you can to help your little ones, and don’t let anyone else bring you down.  I’m so tired of stupid comments.  But they didn’t come from nowhere.  They are our past.  Let’s not repeat it.

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